Red Mills Racer Plus Dog Food – 15kg

Red Mills Spot 22 Dog Food is a complete dry dog food, originally formulated to suit the dietary needs of sporting dogs such as greyhounds, though it is suitable for all types of dog.

Red Mills


Red Mills Racer Plus Dog Food is a nutritionally balanced high performance feed, specially formulated to meet the needs of training racing dogs, brood bitches, pups, saplings and stud dogs.

Red Mills Racer Plus Dog Food supports your greyhound or racing dog by:

  • Supporting the development of stronger muscles, ligamnets and bones to maximise performance and minimise injuries early in the racing career
  • Utilizing Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids to improve energy supplies and aid general conditioning
  • Increasing endurance and stamina through vitamin and mineral enrichment
  • Enhancing digestion and supporting optimal gut health with Chicory fibre and an increased meat content.



Red Mills

Red Mills

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Weight 15 kg


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