Good Boy Puppy Milk Drops Chocolate Treats – 125g

Good Boy Puppy Milk Drops are fortified with lots of calcium to help support your pups growth and development.A delicious milk chocolate treat in handy little buttons, they make great training treats to reward good behaviour too!



  • Specifically formulated and designed for puppies
  • Enriched with calcium
  • Taste that puppies love
  • Perfect handy size for training or just extra treats!

These completely safe chocolate drops for dogs are free from the harmful ingredient theobromine and filled with essential vitamins supporting healthy development of skin, teeth, bones and eye sight.
These treats work brilliantly as a treat or reward for good behaviour, perfect for training puppies!

Death by Chocolate
Human chocolate is now one of the most common toxins to dogs
Human chocolate poisoning is on the Increase
Vets have seen a surge of almost 27% from 2007 to 2008 in the number of dogs falling ill after eating chocolate with 1,166 cases being reported?this does not include the number of pets poisoned that have died or where cases have not been reported

What is Theobromine?
Theobromine is a naturally occurring compound found in the Cocoa bean, and it is this compound that is poisonous to dogs


Good Boy

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