About Us

Pet Shop 365 is much more than an online pet shop. We are a actual physical store based in Co. Down and have several years of experience dealing with our customer needs for their pets. We have a vast knowledge in pet foods and supplies and also many years experience in dealing with all types of pet animals.

We welcome all people to our shop, both online and actual visits in person.

Our Team

Our store is operated as a family business with reliable service and customer support available at all times. Animal welfare is highly important to us as our love for pets is our passion.

We are here to support you and your pets!

The Pet Shop

We offer a large range of products in our pet shop, both pet food, toys and in our physical store, pets of course! Our policy is to offer high quality products at a very resonable price. When visiting our store, our customers can easily purchase products and we endeavor to deliver them as promptly as possible.